How to definitively speed up your mosh operations

If you’ve read Filippo Valsorda’s guide to using mosh+tmux in a smart way, you’ve probably also noticed that, with mosh, specifying an ssh keyfile is no longer a relatively simple matter of typing:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/keyfilename [...]

but it’s now this mess:

mosh --ssh="ssh -i ~/.ssh/keyfilename" [...]

and that is rather cumbersome, especially considering there’s a better way anyway to manage ssh keyfiles.

If you’re like me, you might have dozens of private key files stored in your local ~/.ssh/ directory, perhaps one for every organization, provider, and datacenter / location combination.

You might have also noticed that sometimes, even without specifying a keyfile, connections go through anyway, and that’s because your local client is cycling through each locally stored key and using it to authenticate against the server. Except that after a certain number of attempts the server will terminate the connection and return:

Received disconnect from [server-address] port 22:2: Too many authentication failures
Connection to [server] closed by remote host.
Connection to [server] closed.

So if you have fewer keys than the maximum number of attempts the server allows, or if the client happens to try them in the right order, you’re good, but any other time you will get kicked off, and you’ll have to manually specify the keyfile as shown above.

There’s an easy fix however. Simply log into all of your servers and:

# nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
### Increase the number of max attempts to a number higher than your keyfiles
MaxAuthTries 16
### save and exit with control-x and press y when prompted

Now restart the ssh daemon:

# service ssh restart

Do not exit the current session yet, open a new terminal window, and log in [via ssh or mosh, doesn’t matter] to the server without specifying a keyfile, and it should let you in no questions asked!

If everything worked correctly, you can exit the original session, otherwise keep it open, by all means, and double-check your work, and don’t leave it until you are sure you can open a new connection to the server, or else you will be locked out as soon as you close the original session.

This of course will work best in conjunction with global host settings on your client, which you can do by simply doing – on your client:

# nano ~/.ssh/config
### Add the following lines:
Host *
        Port 42022
        User root
### if, for instance, most of your servers have a custom SSH port [like 42022 in my case] and you log in directly as root
### save and exit

This will apply global settings for all of your ssh connections, and you can specify pattern-specific settings for specific servers as well.

In the end, thanks to these simple tips, you’ll reach ninja-admin status and the holy grail of turning:

mosh --ssh="ssh -i ~/.ssh/keyfilename -p42022" root@server-hostname-or-ip


mosh server-hostname-or-ip

Also, if you are into servers and security, check out our first-boot hardening script for Debian/Ubuntu machines, called inception. Among several things, it automatically configures everything that is described in this article on you server with no extra effort.

How to evade telegram and set an autoreply for who’s left

If you take a rapid look at my presentation about openspace’s aenigma state-of-the-art XMPP server automation project, you’ll find out why I encourage everyone to get the fuck out of Telegram right away.

Here is a fun and fast way to set up an autoreply message that gets returned to anyone who contacts you on Telegram on a normal, non-E2EE, direct chat [at least those are still remotely acceptable].

This is based upon this cool article and tested to be working on Ubuntu 18.

sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install telethon


And paste the following content inside:

import time

from telethon import TelegramClient, events

# sample API_ID from
# or use your own
api_id = 000000
api_hash = '2435afd0987efa001824712490cde800'

# fill in your own details here
phone = '+15555555555'
username = 'username'
password = 'two_step_password'  # if you have two-step verification enabled

# content of the automatic reply
message = "Autoreply: \n\n[EN] I'm no longer reachable via non-E2EE channels and especially on centralized services like this one. \n\nTo get in touch with me either start a secret chat here if it's urgent or wake up and move on with your life onto a libre communication protocol. You can find me on XMPP from any modern client that supports OMEMO at <your_JID> or even better on Riot.IM [you can use '' as custom homeserver to register using openspace's instance] at <your_Riot_ID> and get the fuck out of here once and for all. \n\n[IT] Non sono più raggiungibile attraverso canali non E2EE e specialmente su servizi centralizzati come questo. \n\nPer raggiungermi avvia una chat segreta qui se è urgente o svegliati e vai avanti con la tua vita verso protocolli di comunicazione libre. Trovami su XMPP con un qualsiasi client moderno che supporti OMEMO a <your_JID> o ancora meglio su Riot.IM [puoi registrarti usando il homeserver '' per usare l'istanza di openspace] a <your_Riot_ID> e scappa da qui fintanto che sei ancora in tempo."

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Create the client and connect
    # use sequential_updates=True to respond to messages one at a time
    client = TelegramClient(username, api_id, api_hash, sequential_updates=True)

    async def handle_new_message(event):
        if event.is_private:  # only auto-reply to private chats
            from_ = await event.client.get_entity(event.from_id)  # this lookup will be cached by telethon
            if not  # don't auto-reply to bots
                print(time.asctime(), '-', event.message)  # optionally log time and message
                time.sleep(1)  # pause for 1 second to rate-limit automatic replies
                await event.respond(message)

    print(time.asctime(), '-', 'Auto-replying...')
    client.start(phone, password)
    print(time.asctime(), '-', 'Stopped!')

Now simply:

crontab -e

And paste the following content:

@reboot sleep 16 && python3

You can run it manually the first time – before the first reboot – by running:


And have someone else write you to see if it works [messages to yourself via saved messages don’t count]. This will obviously work only in direct chats [user to user] and only on non-E2EE chats.

Press ^c to stop the manual run. After reboot run:

ps aux | grep telegram_autoreply

And you should get something along the lines of:

nz@mb:~$ ps aux | grep telegram_autoreply
nz         787  0.0  0.0   4628   828 ?        Ss   14:20   0:00 /bin/sh -c sleep 16 && python3
nz        1691  0.0  1.5  97172 32324 ?        S    14:20   0:00 python3
nz        4331  0.0  0.0  14428  1036 pts/0    S+   14:46   0:00 grep --color=auto telegram_autoreply

Now it’s time to get started on XMPP and/or even better Riot.IM once and for all!

Free and open – until it’s wrong.

Look around you. The beautiful and perfect society we’ve built where everyone is open minded and respects others around them. They call it progress, advancement, “things changing”. It’s all an illusion, if not a downright lie we like to tell ourselves to feel better about being stupid and repetitive fuckheads. For every person who actually changes their mind and opens up to new things they hadn’t considered or didn’t agree with before, there a thousand simply dragged along, accepting change instead of embracing it, respecting diversity instead of encouraging it.

Ask people what they think of allowing nudity on streets today, then ask them again in 20 years, after millions of vocal protesters will have invaded cities all around the world to demand their right to do so, and “change leaders” will have obtained things the way they wanted them “once and for all”. And once you get completely opposit answers, what will have actually changed? Barely anything, if at all. Openness doesn’t require time. Scientific discovery does, technological advancement does, ideas don’t. Don’t get me wrong, on an individual level they absolutely do, sometimes an entire lifetime, that’s what defines a true knowledge seeker. But not on a societal level: on the large scale, if people don’t already think something today, they most lilely never truly will.

And all of the “freedom of thought and expression” we’ve so longed “fought for” is being once again shut down entirely by politically correct public and private entities, both of which are cheered and applauded by the people every day,  in the name of ending harrassment, disrispect, abuse, and even terrorism. Everyone is all in for it, apparently completely oblivious that this is medieval dark ages history all over again. Individuals sometimes change, society never does.

When I say I live a truly open life, I actually fucking mean it. You see, a very good friend of mine is a real life actual nazi, with tattooes and everything, I listen to music created specifically by people in prison that form bands based on their human-killing stats rank, I purposefully seek the repressed feelings and attitudes in segregated people that society happily outcasts every day to their moral and physical death, and embrace the true nature and horizons of our species more and more thoroughly every day. Ideas are only powerful when they’re true and complete, art is an absolute essence that has no moral or ethical attachment to their creators, technology doesn’t get created to be “good or bad”, for “right or wrong” application, it exists because it is concretely possible to synthesize and produce, that’s all there is to it, everything you do with it is your fucking problem. True life is only such when you’re exposing yourself to the absolute stream of real and aetherial essence of the world around you without any artificial intervention, otherwise it’s nothing.

That’s why I want openspace to be an absolutely free and open project to everyone, not only because my ideas and beliefs have and should never have absolutely any meaning to anyone beyonf myself, and should never even remotely touch anything even I create, but so don’t those of anyone else involved on any level in any way. Only a truly pure and pristine conceptual and physical location in the universe can accomodate an experience of life that is real and actually true once and for all.

And beyond this top-down, universe to local, formally verified idea [which is all you ever need in life], there’s also the bottom-up, empirical truth that if you don’t include everyone and let every idea actually emerge and work with eachother [one of the few things that actually drives change, thank you very much], you’ll always be the cause of the formation sub-worlds of this-time-forreal hate and violence that peaceful and normal people love to create out there in the undergrounds and not ever have to deal with. Because their ideas are so radical and convinced, that they’re afraid of facing anything different, makes sense right?

And as true as it is that it’s a delicate balance between always listening to every opinion out there and analyzing every side of an argument before building your own [which is essential and can and should often change things for the better in the individual] and not wasting time when you know something is right and you should instead spend your time spreading your ideas to others, this is not a situation where I’m not at all in doubt. I have strong feelings about things, and don’t need any extra time disserting these topics in my thoughts, but that’s also because I’ve always tried to face every side of the story from the beginning, ask questions from the absolute start, and never intentionally left any piece of the potential answer out of the picture from what I could find around me. Confirmation bias is always there ready to attack if you don’t fully adopt this approach, the only scientific and factually true one that exists.

If you want to truly be alive, look around you, explore everything you are physically able to, spend your time seeking answers to questions you can’t even yet imagine, never spend an instand inside your comfort zone, and never leave anything out. That’s the only path to an honest-to-the-universe existence. That’s the kind of life I will never fall short of seeking and obtaining, ever.


I’ve recently seen a video where Elon Musk was asked what it means to him that even the very apollo astronauts who landed on the moon think that private space exploration will never be able to perform the missions and make the discoveries that – until today – have been carried out by government space agencies.

He seemed rather emotional and hit hard deep down about the whole thing, and that reminded me of how even those like him who have had success in making the world realize that they are among the few that are actually changing things, no one is really sharing their beliefs and their visions, they’re all just sitting back and waiting for results, passively spending their days watching as the few spend sleepless nights thinking about how to make their ideas appealing to the others, hoping that, thanks to their support, they’ll one day be able to actually bring them to light.

I completely feel his condition, alone in trying to make things happen, while everyone else is only good in believing in things when someone is inspiring them to do so.

It’s an endless, lonely world out there.

Net Neutrality

If this is actually the day that the enforcement of net neutrality will be obliterated from existence, then this is exactly the day i’ve been waiting for for a long time.

And of course it’s because i don’t think that rules are the solution to things, and of course it’s because i know that extreme competition brings the best to life, and of course it’s because i believe in absolute freedom for everyone.

But it goes so much deeper than that.

It’s because it’s one additional factor that will force people to face the fact that the internet was never meant to be the centralized, hierarchical, administered environment we know today, but it is and eventually will go back to being the very distributed, everpresent, and anonymous stash of layer-1 medium that interconnects every atom of space of our visible universe.

Projects like and LibreFibre and so many others will lead the way to decentralize every level of the internet, from the link-layer to each byte of information that flows upon it, and so on forever up to the stars.

Everything will flow in an infinite, redundant mesh comprised of every living device linked together with all of the others, and any and all potential interventions upon that very free flow of life and exploration will be dead long before it is even conceived.

Apparently there are other people that think of this like me strangely enough.

Freedom is inevitable.


This script automates what I’ve been doing on every new debian/ubuntu server machine since the dawn of time. It automates every step I can think of to setup and harden a newly created machine. Let me know what you think of it and please contribute on github. Thanks!

The Interwebz

Have you ever stopped for an instant to think about the Internet itself, its true nature, what it is, and what it will become?

The amazingly pristine, elegant, and fundamental fact here is that it’s the pure and simple connection layer between the devices that are part of it. The devices that make this network exist *are* the Internet. The way it was conceived implies by its very nature the fact that every device has a direct interface with every other device, with no central nodes or relays. At a connectivity level every device must be able to speak to any other. At a logistics level, every device must host the data it owns, and share it directly with those who want to read it, and it should do the same the other way around when it is interested in another device’s data.

Fast forward to today. Have you ever wondered why we living beings can speak and interact directly with one another, with no middlemen, and even relay other people’s thoughts to others,  without anyone else even being part of this flow of information, but our devices can’t? Don’t you think it’s strange that they all need to have infrastructure behind them to be able to even make their very presence noticed by others?
At a connectivity level they are all isolated by individual “Internet provider” contracts, all of which tie back to central nodes and small handfuls of companies, and at a communications level they are all based on connecting to central servers to exchange information with any other device.
This is completely the opposite of what the Internet was designed to be, and is a massive and all-encompassing fuckery on society itself. The Internet today is extremely centralized, with both the connectivity and the communications layers owned by big companies that aim to keep us isolated and separate from each other, and to have all of your data passing through their infrastructure before it reaches the other end. And furthermore, all of your data isn’t on your device anymore, but in their clouds, and they own it. And they provide “services” to you for free, to use every bit of such data to turn you into a little pawn in their massive chess games against you.
They own your digital life. Period.
Here instead is the way the Internet should work, was originally designed to work, and will work in the future:
Every device will be able to speak to those around it, using ad-hoc networks, which are networks that are created directly and multi-directionally by the very devices that are taking place in the transaction, and once the connectivity link has been established, data itself will flow directly from the sending devices to the ones receiving such data, and viceversa, both ways around.
The connectivity layer will be figured out thanks to mesh networks, which are indeed distributed networks [distributed as the most extreme level of decentralization] where every node in the network defines the existence and continued operation of the network itself. In between the time from now to that point where every device will be meshing with others, we’ll abstract this issue to the infrastructure level, making sure that every router on the planet will be meshing with every other, completely removing the need to have backbones to Internet service providers and such stuff. Exit nodes to the Internet will become an exception, not the ordinary. is devoted to making this happen today, everywhere on the planet.
At a data level, all of your data will be on your devices, private servers, implanted chips, or whatever will become the most natural way to live a digital-biological bridged life. They will keep everything in sync in a distributed fashion between themselves, and they will estabislish direct peer-to-peer transaction lines to the devices they intend to communicate with, no central servers or offsite relays required.
Every device, in essence, will be born into existence with the ability to directly interact with every other device around it, and any device further away thanks to distributed meshing, and data protocols will allow it to directly send and receive all data with the specific devices involved.
And furthermore, all of the data’s existence will become embedded in the network itself, spread among every node so that no single device must physically store every bit of information. Bitcoin, IPFS, and are examples of such technology.
The future is bright with freedom, and [openspace] is there to help all of us through this transition. You are the Internet, you own your data, you decide what the future looks like. Everything else is dust. Let’s look ahead.

Fake plastic news

It’s really interesting how surprised everyone is when they discover that the “online world” is actually the real world and that – yeah, hello, fucktards – everything is out there and you should approach it with the same state of mind you walk down a road in a city and experience the outside world.

It’s even more interesting when everyone starts figuring out the implications of these obvious basic concepts, such as the fact that anyone can luckily say whatever the fuck they are thinking. And somehow it is only when these phenomena have tangible and down to earth implications that they become clear to people. Like the fact that a bunch of shit is out there and everyone just passively consumes it and spreads it along.

And as always, for them, the problem is the end result and not the root cause, so we have to:

  1. Find issues that don’t exist and rage about them
  2. Intervene, of course, because the universe needs our superior intelligence
  3. Think of everything backwards, starting from real world complex effects of simple phenomena and analyze everything but the facts introducing opinions based on other fragile and limited ideas that we’ve acquired from someone else
  4. Patch the consequences and not look at the issue straight-on
  5. Live happily ever after

Ok so basically this is how it works:

  1. Someone spits out something completely false and absurd either intentionally or without even knowing [what’s worse? I wouldn’t know…] like they’ve always done, online or offline, since the dawn of time, but hey, now it’s starting to be an issue!
  2. People follow along and agree without critically thinking about the world around them and common sense [citation needed]
  3. They share the outraging intel they have just acquired from status-quo-defying news sources like “THE ILLUMINATI TRUTH SEEKERS” and such
  4. Everyone else out there becomes a slave to this piece of shit news because it’s simply beyond them to think straight about stuff and question their own fucking mental constructs.

You could be mistakenly thinking that the issue at hand here is that people are ignorant and stupid, but you would be wrong. You see, the problem is people saying false stuff in the first place, because that creates problems in a society where it’s cool that no one has a personal fucking opinion about things and has the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. So let’s go ahead and filter out all of that junk, let’s create a nice little reality distorsion field where everything you get spoon fed is universally true, and live peacefully knowing that everyone’s critical minded approach has been outsourced to some enslaved corporate worker in India.

Kinda like VR is gonna solve the problems with the physical actual fucking world, right?