Free and open – until it’s wrong.

Look around you. The beautiful and perfect society we’ve built where everyone is open minded and respects others around them. They call it progress, advancement, “things changing”. It’s all an illusion, if not a downright lie we like to tell ourselves to feel better about being stupid and repetitive fuckheads. For every person who actually changes their mind and opens up to new things they hadn’t considered or didn’t agree with before, there a thousand simply dragged along, accepting change instead of embracing it, respecting diversity instead of encouraging it.

Ask people what they think of allowing nudity on streets today, then ask them again in 20 years, after millions of vocal protesters will have invaded cities all around the world to demand their right to do so, and “change leaders” will have obtained things the way they wanted them “once and for all”. And once you get completely opposit answers, what will have actually changed? Barely anything, if at all. Openness doesn’t require time. Scientific discovery does, technological advancement does, ideas don’t. Don’t get me wrong, on an individual level they absolutely do, sometimes an entire lifetime, that’s what defines a true knowledge seeker. But not on a societal level: on the large scale, if people don’t already think something today, they most lilely never truly will.

And all of the “freedom of thought and expression” we’ve so longed “fought for” is being once again shut down entirely by politically correct public and private entities, both of which are cheered and applauded by the people every day,  in the name of ending harrassment, disrispect, abuse, and even terrorism. Everyone is all in for it, apparently completely oblivious that this is medieval dark ages history all over again. Individuals sometimes change, society never does.

When I say I live a truly open life, I actually fucking mean it. You see, a very good friend of mine is a real life actual nazi, with tattooes and everything, I listen to music created specifically by people in prison that form bands based on their human-killing stats rank, I purposefully seek the repressed feelings and attitudes in segregated people that society happily outcasts every day to their moral and physical death, and embrace the true nature and horizons of our species more and more thoroughly every day. Ideas are only powerful when they’re true and complete, art is an absolute essence that has no moral or ethical attachment to their creators, technology doesn’t get created to be “good or bad”, for “right or wrong” application, it exists because it is concretely possible to synthesize and produce, that’s all there is to it, everything you do with it is your fucking problem. True life is only such when you’re exposing yourself to the absolute stream of real and aetherial essence of the world around you without any artificial intervention, otherwise it’s nothing.

That’s why I want openspace to be an absolutely free and open project to everyone, not only because my ideas and beliefs have and should never have absolutely any meaning to anyone beyonf myself, and should never even remotely touch anything even I create, but so don’t those of anyone else involved on any level in any way. Only a truly pure and pristine conceptual and physical location in the universe can accomodate an experience of life that is real and actually true once and for all.

And beyond this top-down, universe to local, formally verified idea [which is all you ever need in life], there’s also the bottom-up, empirical truth that if you don’t include everyone and let every idea actually emerge and work with eachother [one of the few things that actually drives change, thank you very much], you’ll always be the cause of the formation sub-worlds of this-time-forreal hate and violence that peaceful and normal people love to create out there in the undergrounds and not ever have to deal with. Because their ideas are so radical and convinced, that they’re afraid of facing anything different, makes sense right?

And as true as it is that it’s a delicate balance between always listening to every opinion out there and analyzing every side of an argument before building your own [which is essential and can and should often change things for the better in the individual] and not wasting time when you know something is right and you should instead spend your time spreading your ideas to others, this is not a situation where I’m not at all in doubt. I have strong feelings about things, and don’t need any extra time disserting these topics in my thoughts, but that’s also because I’ve always tried to face every side of the story from the beginning, ask questions from the absolute start, and never intentionally left any piece of the potential answer out of the picture from what I could find around me. Confirmation bias is always there ready to attack if you don’t fully adopt this approach, the only scientific and factually true one that exists.

If you want to truly be alive, look around you, explore everything you are physically able to, spend your time seeking answers to questions you can’t even yet imagine, never spend an instand inside your comfort zone, and never leave anything out. That’s the only path to an honest-to-the-universe existence. That’s the kind of life I will never fall short of seeking and obtaining, ever.