I’ve recently seen a video where Elon Musk was asked what it means to him that even the very apollo astronauts who landed on the moon think that private space exploration will never be able to perform the missions and make the discoveries that – until today – have been carried out by government space agencies.

He seemed rather emotional and hit hard deep down about the whole thing, and that reminded me of how even those like him who have had success in making the world realize that they are among the few that are actually changing things, no one is really sharing their beliefs and their visions, they’re all just sitting back and waiting for results, passively spending their days watching as the few spend sleepless nights thinking about how to make their ideas appealing to the others, hoping that, thanks to their support, they’ll one day be able to actually bring them to light.

I completely feel his condition, alone in trying to make things happen, while everyone else is only good in believing in things when someone is inspiring them to do so.

It’s an endless, lonely world out there.