Net Neutrality

If this is actually the day that the enforcement of net neutrality will be obliterated from existence, then this is exactly the day i’ve been waiting for for a long time.

And of course it’s because i don’t think that rules are the solution to things, and of course it’s because i know that extreme competition brings the best to life, and of course it’s because i believe in absolute freedom for everyone.

But it goes so much deeper than that.

It’s because it’s one additional factor that will force people to face the fact that the internet was never meant to be the centralized, hierarchical, administered environment we know today, but it is and eventually will go back to being the very distributed, everpresent, and anonymous stash of layer-1 medium that interconnects every atom of space of our visible universe.

Projects like and LibreFibre and so many others will lead the way to decentralize every level of the internet, from the link-layer to each byte of information that flows upon it, and so on forever up to the stars.

Everything will flow in an infinite, redundant mesh comprised of every living device linked together with all of the others, and any and all potential interventions upon that very free flow of life and exploration will be dead long before it is even conceived.

Apparently there are other people that think of this like me strangely enough.

Freedom is inevitable.