How to definitively speed up your mosh operations

If you’ve read Filippo Valsorda’s guide to using mosh+tmux in a smart way, you’ve probably also noticed that, with mosh, specifying an ssh keyfile is no longer a relatively simple matter of typing: but it’s now this mess: and that is rather cumbersome, especially considering there’s a better way anyway to manage ssh keyfiles. If […]

How to evade telegram and set an autoreply for who’s left

If you take a rapid look at my presentation about openspace’s aenigma state-of-the-art XMPP server automation project, you’ll find out why I encourage everyone to get the fuck out of Telegram right away. Here is a fun and fast way to set up an autoreply message that gets returned to anyone who contacts you on […]


I’ve recently seen a video where Elon Musk was asked what it means to him that even the very apollo astronauts who landed on the moon think that private space exploration will never be able to perform the missions and make the discoveries that – until today – have been carried out by government space […]

Net Neutrality

If this is actually the day that the enforcement of net neutrality will be obliterated from existence, then this is exactly the day i’ve been waiting for for a long time. And of course it’s because i don’t think that rules are the solution to things, and of course it’s because i know that extreme […]

Inception This script automates what I’ve been doing on every new debian/ubuntu server machine since the dawn of time. It automates every step I can think of to setup and harden a newly created machine. Let me know what you think of it and please contribute on github. Thanks!

The Interwebz

Have you ever stopped for an instant to think about the Internet itself, its true nature, what it is, and what it will become? The amazingly pristine, elegant, and fundamental fact here is that it’s the pure and simple connection layer between the devices that are part of it. The devices that make this network […]

Fake plastic news

It’s really interesting how surprised everyone is when they discover that the “online world” is actually the real world and that – yeah, hello, fucktards – everything is out there and you should approach it with the same state of mind you walk down a road in a city and experience the outside world. It’s […]

Formal verification

I love it when people think they’re entitled to an opinion about straight facts. They think that everything can be reverse engineered into oblivion and attacked by their own perspectives whenever they please. News flash fuckheads: you can’t. Take geometry as an example. The fact that the sum of a triangle’s internal angles is 180º, […]