Fake plastic news

It’s really interesting how surprised everyone is when they discover that the “online world” is actually the real world and that – yeah, hello, fucktards – everything is out there and you should approach it with the same state of mind you walk down a road in a city and experience the outside world.

It’s even more interesting when everyone starts figuring out the implications of these obvious basic concepts, such as the fact that anyone can luckily say whatever the fuck they are thinking. And somehow it is only when these phenomena have tangible and down to earth implications that they become clear to people. Like the fact that a bunch of shit is out there and everyone just passively consumes it and spreads it along.

And as always, for them, the problem is the end result and not the root cause, so we have to:

  1. Find issues that don’t exist and rage about them
  2. Intervene, of course, because the universe needs our superior intelligence
  3. Think of everything backwards, starting from real world complex effects of simple phenomena and analyze everything but the facts introducing opinions based on other fragile and limited ideas that we’ve acquired from someone else
  4. Patch the consequences and not look at the issue straight-on
  5. Live happily ever after

Ok so basically this is how it works:

  1. Someone spits out something completely false and absurd either intentionally or without even knowing [what’s worse? I wouldn’t know…] like they’ve always done, online or offline, since the dawn of time, but hey, now it’s starting to be an issue!
  2. People follow along and agree without critically thinking about the world around them and common sense [citation needed]
  3. They share the outraging intel they have just acquired from status-quo-defying news sources like “THE ILLUMINATI TRUTH SEEKERS” and such
  4. Everyone else out there becomes a slave to this piece of shit news because it’s simply beyond them to think straight about stuff and question their own fucking mental constructs.

You could be mistakenly thinking that the issue at hand here is that people are ignorant and stupid, but you would be wrong. You see, the problem is people saying false stuff in the first place, because that creates problems in a society where it’s cool that no one has a personal fucking opinion about things and has the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. So let’s go ahead and filter out all of that junk, let’s create a nice little reality distorsion field where everything you get spoon fed is universally true, and live peacefully knowing that everyone’s critical minded approach has been outsourced to some enslaved corporate worker in India.

Kinda like VR is gonna solve the problems with the physical actual fucking world, right?