Formal verification

I love it when people think they’re entitled to an opinion about straight facts. They think that everything can be reverse engineered into oblivion and attacked by their own perspectives whenever they please. News flash fuckheads: you can’t. Take geometry as an example. The fact that the sum of a triangle’s internal angles is 180º, […]

Enlightened Anarchy

Life is an adventure of exploration and discovery. Every living thing is bourn into an unknown world, and immediately starts learning about its surroundings. First it is alone, then it finds those close to him in the nearby environment, and so on, always inducing about their nature, and wondering whether it can trust them or […]

Visions about the future

This fantastic post entitled “Why Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme” is one of the best living examples of what I refer to when I write about people trying to wrap their mind around a new concept starting from their existing dataset of ideas and logical pathways between them, using the ancient-greek-philosopher approach of starting off with […]


Ok so we’ve studied probability at school, and I have my own take about it. This might have been though about elsewhere, I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m interested in the science. The starting point is the definition of probability as the number of times a certain event occurs after a set number of […]

Arte moderna

A mio parere il dibattito sull’arte moderna non ha ancora, come quasi qualsiasi altro dibattito, raggiunto e nemmeno individuato il punto focale della discussione. Si è soltanto tentato invano di stabilire dei limiti arbitrari per cercare di giustificare l’assegnazione di caratteristiche “artistiche” ad alcune opere ed ad altre no secondo fragili ed estremamente limitati criteri personali. Ma chi siamo noi per giudicare se il lavoro espressivo di un altra persona è o non è arte? Come pretendiamo di avere i mezzi per non solo comprendere e interpretare il risultato ma addirittura di risalire al motivo originario che ha spinto l’artista a realizzarla? Ovviamente l’interesse […]